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Entrepreneurship Live are our main events. Every semester we have 3-4 of these guest speaking events. We bring in an entrepreneur or professional to speak about various entrepreneurial topics. The purpose is to inspire and educate students about what it takes to start their own businesses. This event is co-hosted with the Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship, and is open to all students. Our HSE members though, get the opportunity to have a private round table session with each of the speakers.

BizLab is one of our more technical “How-to-Do” workshops for starting and running a business. This is designed to help you save time researching these stuff. Examples: How to Start a Business and Bookkeeping Basics.

RoadTrips are our company tours. This is where we get to see the behind the scenes of a business and see what it is all about. In the past we have been to companies like Eden and Love, Oceanit, and Ala Moana, Wall-to-Wall Studios.

Founders Mixer Logo

A networking mixer where HSE members meet entrepreneurial founders. It is hosted during our Fall semesters. Great chance to have one on one personal conversation to network with these amazing people.

Professional Mixer Logo

A networking mixer where HSE members connect with professionals to get advice. (Example: Lawyers, Accountants, Human Resource, Marketing, PR, Bankers, etc.)

A guest speaker event featuring a successful entrepreneur, where they share their entrepreneurial journey and give advice for aspiring, student entrepreneurs. Open to all students.

An event open to the community, where HSE members get to pitch their business ideas and showcase their businesses. Open to the public.

Community Events

We are highly involved in the entrepreneurship, startup, and business community in Hawai’i. We encourage all of our members to step outside of campus and attend these community events.


We also encourage our members to volunteer within the business community.


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