Executive Board


Mia Harrie: President

Hello! I am China-born, Oregon-raised, and now a Senior at the Shidler College of Business at UH Manoa, double majoring in International Business and Finance and have a minor in Chinese. I joined HSE with the purpose to meet new people and try to get my foot in the door in the community. HSE has done that and gone above and beyond. I have formed relationships with some of the top business people in the startup community, I have joined two startup teams, and I am working with entrepreneurs almost every day. The startup community in Hawaii is strong and growing, and I couldn’t be more excited to contribute to it and be a part of it.

Chris Beymer: Vice President

Hello! My name is Chris Beymer. I’ve been interested and have wanted to be an entrepreneur long before I knew the word “entrepreneur”. I joined the club because I wanted to be around fantastic like-minded people with an entrepreneurial mindset. Helping people and creating value in the world are two major things I want to center my life around and being an entrepreneur seems like a great way to do it! I am also an avid reader and finish a new book every few days or so. I usually read about great people through history, business/finance books, and philosophy. Currently I am an ACM major studying both business and film. My favorite part of HSE is being able to get personalized advice from the visiting entrepreneurs.

Justin Yamamoto: Director of Finances

Justin Yamamoto

Ahoy! I’m Justin Yamamoto, the money guy (treasurer) of HSE and a senior majoring in finance at the Shidler College of Business at UH Manoa. I am a passionate dude with colossal emphasis on self-development and life-learning. My spare time is taken up by contemplative thinking, replacing limiting beliefs, and becoming a more purposeful contributor to society. Yeah, partying isn’t my thing. In addition, I enjoy the hard-to-do things, specifically work involving detail and quality. Furthermore, anything involving entrepreneurship stimulates my curiosity and embarks my mind on creative journeys of novelty.

Christian Lopez: Director of Operations

Hello! My name is Christian Lopez and I am serving as your Director of Operations for HSE!

Kevin Zhou: Director of Operations

Hi! I’m Kevin Zhou, the Director of Operations for HSE and currently a freshmen. I’m undeclared in terms of major but planning on going into business. I’m passionate about film production, dance, and learning about entrepreneurship. When I’m not busy with HSE I spend most of my free time filming, learning how to surf, and going to yakiniku places.

Rose Wong: Director of Marketing

My name is Rose Wong, and I’m the Director of Marketing for HSE and a freshmen majoring in Business Marketing. I currently have two businesses, a handmade jewelry business and a videography business. When I’m not slaving away at those, I enjoy surfing, hiking, and going to the beach! I love being a part of HSE because I love working with my team, and helping other students build their businesses!


Shannon Krakover: Executive Assistant

Aloha! My name is Shannon Krakover and I am excited to be working as the Executive Assistant for HSE. This is my last semester of my undergraduate education, in which I have been attending UH Manoa for the past four years as well as a study abroad program in Bergen, Norway this past fall semester. Originally from southern California, I came to Hawaii to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, culture, and appreciation for Mother Nature. Surfing takes up most of my free time, but I also enjoy hiking and getting to know like-minded people. Entrepreneurs have always inspired me with their ambition, confidence, and ability to move through adversity. I hope to learn new skills and gain memorable experiences through working with HSE during my graduating semester!


Jessica Ching: Co-Founder

Jessica ChingOriginally from Big Island, I graduated from Konawaena High School. My interest in entrepreneurship got started after taking an entrepreneurship course. I graduated from UH Manoa in Spring 2015, and have served as President for 2-years. I’m currently the co-organizer for Startup Weekend Honolulu, a 54-hour event to start a business. I also work for Celine’s fathers business, who is a great entrepreneur himself and I get the chance to learn more about business everyday. I want to eventually start my own business and hopefully continue to start more businesses in the future. I enjoy playing tennis, playing the piano, reading books, and going to the beach. I co-founded this club with Kurt because I really wanted to learn entrepreneurship in a pro-active way. I am really passionate about entrepreneurship and this club, and I really believe that if you are passionate about entrepreneurship too, then we can help you.



Kurt Cullen: Co-Founder

Kurt CullenHi my name is Kurt, I co-founded HSE because entrepreneurship, in my opinion, is the best way to live. The feeling of taking an idea, working super super hard, going through that battle and journey, creating a valuable/quality product that people will pay for, and sitting down thinking about what you’ve just created, is an awesome feeling. Entrepreneurs are interesting people and think very different than most people. Starting a business is many peoples dream, but it’s also very difficult. I started HSE to give students with that dream a better chance to succeed as entrepreneurs. To put students on the right path and not on the “get-rich-quick” paths that target aspiring entrepreneurs. To give those students that haven’t grew up with an entrepreneurial or business family the opportunity to develop that entrepreneurial mindset. To connect students to the resources and right people that will help them become successful entrepreneurs. I wanted to start a club of doers, not talkers. Life is short, there’s a lot to learn, much work to do, don’t waste it, do something you love.

Board of Advisors

Susan Yamada, Executive Director at the Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship (PACE)

Rechung Fujihira, Co-founder and CEO of The Box Jelly Co-working Space

Peter Crouch, Dean of the College of Engineering at UH Manoa

Tim Caminos, Director of Communications and PR at the Better Business Bureau of Hawaii (BBB)

Steve Sue, Founder of BizGym and Lemonade Alley

Brendan Mulligan, Entrepreneurship Advisor at UH Manoa