Rose Wong

Rose is on her second semester of being President of Hawaii Student Entrepreneurs. Rose owns her own jewelry business “Kolohe Ocean Gems” and is looking to start her second business “Rose Gold”. Hawaii Student Entrepreneurs has helped Rose develop her businesses and now she’s giving back by helping others take their business endeavors to new levels of success. Rose is currently a Sophomore at UH Manoa studying Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Marketing.


“Don’t second guess yourself, go for it with all you got”
Raymond is Vice President of Hawaii Student Entrepreneurs. Raymond is a sophomore at UH Manoa studying Mechanical Engineering, but has a passion for learning the ins-and-outs of businesses. When Raymond first joined Hawaii Student Entrepreneurs, he was blown away by the details of the world of business he didn’t realize existed. Raymond is currently working on his own manufacturing company “FormeTech”.


“Learn as much as you can, gain as many experiences
as possible, and be ready for anything”

Vice President


Raymond Andrade

Director of Marketing


Gavin Shon

Gavin is the Director of Marketing.


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Fall 2017 Executive Board

Nicholas is Director of Finance. Nicholas is a student at UH Manoa studying accounting, but don’t let this jack of all trades fool you. He currently works for the Pear Harbor Naval Shipyard doing construction and remodeling all while having his hands in most business clubs on campus.


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Director of Finance


Nicholas Deen

Director of Members


Ria Sappal

Ria is the Director of Member Agreements.


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Fall 2017 Executive Board

HSE Founders