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Hawai’i Student Entrepreneurs Club is open to all majors, both undergraduate and graduate students. If you’re interested in entrepreneurship and starting/growing your own business, this is the club to join.

Why Join HSE:

  1. Meet and learn from successful entrepreneurs.
  2. Company tours. But not just any company tour, we try to get the entrepreneurs/founder’s themselves to give our tours, because they give us that perspective that we’re looking for. If not, we usually have a purpose/topic for doing a specific company tour (past example: Ala Moana company tour, to learn about the leasing process and obtaining retail space).
  3. Meet like-minded, entrepreneurial minded students. You could potentially meet your future co-founder or a good friend that will become a very successful entrepreneur.
  4. Free food at our HSE Meetings and Entrepreneurship Live events! enough said =)
  5. No Mandatory Events! We don’t force you to come to any of our events, we try to plan great events that you wouldn’t want to miss yourself.
  6. No Fundraising requirements! There’s a lot to learn about starting a business, we don’t want to waste your time selling chili tickets and pizza coupons. But if you want to help us fundraise other ways, then you get high-fives!
  7. Get out of school, start networking in the local business community as a student.
  8. Get help starting your business. We know how to get your business legally started, so you don’t have to sell under the table. Learn how to pay your taxes, so you don’t get busted by the IRS and Hawaii Department of Taxation.
  9. Get support for your existing business. We might not know the answers to all your questions, but we know people, that know people, that can help you with almost any question that you have. We can connect you to the right resources both at the University and in the local business community that will assist you with the growth of your business.
  10. Continue to build that entrepreneurial mindset. Being an entrepreneur is different and is a lifestyle change. You need to be risk-adverse, not be afraid of failure, think not only as a worker, but as a business owner, a leader. Think big and become an executor, not just talk about those ideas.

Check the HSE Calendar!

Become a Member in 2-Steps:

   1) Submit Application

   2) Pay Dues 

  • $40/semester for returning members (Spring 2017)

Venmo Pay your dues with <font-size:24px;>Venmo!
Treasurer: Justin Yamamoto
Phone: (808) 284-3667


Or, Pay in Person with Cash/Check at any of our Meetups. Check the calendar for our upcoming events and HSE meetings. (make checks payable to Hawaii Student Entrepreneurs)

***Membership Dues go to food cost, guest speaker thank you gifts, company tours, workshops, partial funding for our founder’s networking mixer and our End of the Semester Banquet. (Our club operations and marketing cost are funded by donations, fundraising, and/or sponsorships). We don’t require you to fundraise for the club. It’s good to be in HSE =)