Current Member Businesses

Evan Young: VRCHIVE


VRCHIVE is a gaming content hub that enables gamers to share their experiences of 3D games through a 360 degree screenshot.  These screenshots can be viewed in a 360 degree view through any virtual reality viewer.  VRCHIVE has a proprietary technology to take 360 degree screenshots inside 3D games which can be utilized by game developers and marketers to promote virtual reality experiences.


Traven Watase: Scholar Sponsor

Scholar Sponsor is non-profit 501(c)3 corporation that is set to revolutionize the way scholarships are being created and received. By creating a two part system that allows students to quickly apply through a common application for scholarships while creating a crowd funding campaign on our website, we will be the most effective way for a student to raise money for school. We also take donors through all the curves of the IRS to ensure the most effective way to create a scholarship online.


Grant Takara and Carson Wong: Bristlebots

BristleBots LogoA small business that specializes in developing educational robotics kits for individuals and classroom/organizations. As one of our core values a portion of our proceeds go back into the community and our founding roots doing our part to help sustain the robotics teams in the state of Hawaii.


Grant Takara: Masterstroke

AirStrokeThe Masterstroke Airfoil Series writing instrument is a beautifully crafted twist pen inspired by the legendary American ingenuity & achievement in the aviation industry. This writing instrument stands out from the pack, boasts extraordinary contemporary detail, and sports smooth mechanics that completes the ultimate new writing instrument.


Alisha Kodama: Mohala Beach Swimwear

Mohala LogoBikinis designed and handmade in Hawaii with New Zealand influences.  The main goal of Mohala Beach is to produce desirable styles for affordable prices.  Each bikini is made to order, and all printed fabrics are purchased in limited quantities in order to keep each piece unique.


Travis Ito: HVN Apparel

Facebook_Profile_Pic_01The mission of HVN Apparel is to use quality apparel and apparel accessories as a platform to share an experience, HAVEN – being in the zone. HVN Apparel’s goal is to inspire active lifestyles, encourages creative expression, and cultivates environmental sustainability.

Mike Bravo: A Crew Apparel

acrew apparel logoTwo brothers joined a small outrigger canoe club and it was love at first paddle. To them, paddling was more than a sport, it was becoming a life-long passion. Later that year, they knew that their hearts were set on something bigger – it was finally time to chase after their dreams. So they packed their bags (and paddles) and flew across the Pacific, finally arriving in the warm waters of O‘ahu, Hawai‘i. Hoping to share their appreciation for the ocean with other ocean athletes and enthusiasts alike, A Crew Apparel was born.



Alumni Member Businesses

Quoc Hnuyh : Ngon Vietnamese Cuisine

Ngon is a restaurant delivering authentic Vietnamese food, located in Kakaako. Quoc partnered with his  sister to launch in November of 2012, and Ngon continues to be  one of the top rated vietnamese restaurants on the island.

Kaili Taniguchi : Five Thousand Reasons

Five Thousand Reasons was launched by Kaili with the vision to provide children in underdeveloped countries the opportunity to acquire an education and instill a lifelong passion for reading and learning.

Kalani Ware : Gripptide

Gripptide is Custom Grip Tape art for skateboards & longboards. Kalani’s vision is to incorporate polynesian tribal designs using grip tape.

Larry Martin : SmarTummy

SmarTummy is a first-of-its-kind abdominal examination simulator designed to train medical, nursing, and EMS students in diagnosing a variety of abdominal ailments.

Jarrett Kodani : Design Hunter 808

Design Hunter808 is a Hawai‘i-based research and design (R & D) company dedicated to developing America’s future technology, today.

Kurt Cullen : Lau Lau Kau Kau

Serving up da best kine Lau Lau for catering. (website coming soon)

Mary Zhou : HI Boba Tea

Serving a healthier cup of milk tea.

Ryan Young : Red Chair Painting

A high quality miniatures painting company.

Ren Tachino and Tyler Yafuso : TimeStoppers Hawaii

Timestoppers Hawaii is a company based in the 808-state.  We specialize in a unique form of photo booth photography.  Using multi-camera technology, we provide an innovative way to capture a moment in time. – See more at:

Tamiano Gurr : Pacific Roots Apparel

Pacific Roots, based in America Samoa, offers a wide range of items from island accessories, hats, local crafts, clothes and more pacific themed products, many of which are exclusive to Pacific Roots. Tamiano  features local artists, representing pacific culture to customers all over the world.

Kristin Schwartzlose : Set Sail Accessories

Set Sail hosts a variety of accessories designed and hand crafted by Kristin. One of her  signature items are the yoga mat bags, which have recently been featured on an Etsy ad. Set Sail Accessories are currently available on and also distributed across local and international retail stores.

Alex Vallejo-Sanderson : Fried Ride HI

Fried Ried HI is a full service to convert your car to run on recycled vegetable oil.

Jerrimae Castillo : J Styles

J Styles provides salon services including hair, makeup, and facials in your own home. Instead of taking her skillset to a salon, Jerrimae decided to use  her background in cosmetology to build her own.

Morgan Roman : Kona Web Studio

Creates webpages in english and japanese for hawaiian businesses.

NaShonda McGaughy : Beauty Meets Utility

Interior designing businesses.

Peter Chastagner :

Specializes in ghost writing services.

Reid Shimabukuro : Reid Shimabukuro Photography

Professional photography services.

Steve Bull : Homecare Reporter App

Home Care Reporter is a phone service that allows caregivers to leave a message for family members about how their loved one is doing. Quick and easy, Home Care Reporter encourages independent living and promotes positive dialogue between caregiver and family members. Messages can be reviewed at the family member’s convenience and archived.


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