About Us


Hawai’i Student Entrepreneurs was formed with the mission to inspire students to be entrepreneurs and to support them in starting and growing their own businesses. We strive not only to empower our members with the skills, knowledge, network, and resources to start and run a successful business now, but to also be prepared to utilize community resources in the future and to continue their education for success after they’ve graduated. We are the future entrepreneurs of Hawai’i!


Year 1 (May 2013)

HSE accepts all students interested in business.

Year 2 (May 2014) 

The Hawaii Student Entrepreneurs Club and The Entrepreneurs Club at the University of Hawaii at Manoa merge organizations.

Year 3 (May 2014) 

HSE sponsors Start Up Weekend Honolulu

Year 4 

HSE partners with PACE for Entrepreneurship Live (Picture featuring Roy Yamaguchi).

Year 5 (May 2016) 

We have had over 30 student run businesses. (Picture featuring Travis Ito of HVN Apparel)